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don't quit

I love it! This little cliché was given me the other day by an obviously adoring lover (the name has been changed to protect the guilty) of my work. I must admit, it came with other, more scathing comments about my work, but really, the only thing I noticed was one-half of this little sentence – the words “don’t quit.”

Not that this has ever occurred to me – shoot, even if I went blind, I’d still be painting!!! Besides, an artist needs to hear ALL things from anyone who is willing to share their thoughts to be able to understand themselves. When I hear things like this, they make me realize that its what I do that’s important to me, and those who enjoy what I do. I wouldn’t want to please everyone, or I’d be designing greeting cards!


Artists Biography

Gregory Evans is a contemporary American artist whose illustrative paintings are characterized by their uncanny imagery and ambiguous handling of form. While portraying both natural and processed landscapes, his spatial relationships fluctuate and reveal, with figures caught in states of transformation and movement. His work is about what is  …read more