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Gregory Evans is a contemporary American artist whose illustrative paintings are characterized by their uncanny imagery and ambiguous handling of form. While portraying both natural and processed landscapes, his spatial relationships fluctuate and reveal, with figures caught in states of transformation and movement. His work is about what is both included and omitted. Categorizing one’s own evolving work puts one in danger of pretension and cliché. This is why Evans would only reluctantly call himself a pop surrealist. When asked, he replies, “Expression and color are just representative of something deeper, more organic – plastic even.”

“I only give an image what it asks for, what it demands. I have no room for extras anymore. This isn’t about me, its the story that’s important,” he explains of his works’ process. “Essentially, each painting is a snapshot, a photo freezing a single moment in time. When an image comes to me, it comes as a complete story – before a painting is finished, I know what preceded that compositional moment, and I know what follows it. Its a sequential thing. With my figurative work, the character comes along with more than just a snapshot. I’m given names, ages, histories, aspirations, a raison-d’etre – it’s the whole ball’o’wax!”

Born in 1957 at Wimpole Park in England, the artist was implanted with a sense of creativity and color by his mother, who was also an artist. He studied Art and Art History in college, later obtaining a degree in Graphic Design. Grego currently lives and works in the southwest of France. His works are currently held and displayed by collectors in America, Holland, France, Italy and England. His commercial projects include clients OP26, Venice Surfathon, Surfers Attic, Centerline Surfboards, and L2A Custom Skatedecks. His work is available for showings and limited commissions may be scheduled.



I purchased 3 of Gregory Evans pictures a few months ago. After receiving them I requested 2 more. They add a way of picturing how life was way back when I grew up on the beach. I live in the mountains now and these pictures are the best……I needed the vibrant colors and the feeling young again. I have the Ocean Park Surf Contest right next to my desk, and A Year To Remember is just perfect on the wall in my living room. Lighten up your life with some of the best art work around. Thanks Gregory.

Guy Ibenez

I have a whole collection – my favorite art makes everyone happy. People love to peruse my house and look for another one. I gifted one to my girlfriend and she’s the happiest girl on Earth. Beautiful, musey, colorful surf – our life on canvas. Venice kids all grown up. Greg has a vision – it brings joy to all that get the opportunity to enjoy it. He’s my favorite artist and a favorite human. Love him, love his art. Feeling blessed – it’s a lifestyle!

Jana Bradford

Love all my aciddrop art !!!

Rocky Arthur

I’ve purchased one of Gregory’s artwork pieces and to say the least it was Magnificent! The colors and detail were superb, just waiting to get the exact old driftwood frame for it to make it perfect!!

Hunter Rumfeld



I’ve made my press package available to all who are interested. If you’d like to download the PDF, do so below by clicking the image, or you can find it on this page – top right column. I’m available for showings and interviews.

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