Shape, Perspective and Light Source

If you're a painter, there are countless things that will influence what your creations will look like when they're finished.  Things like your palette, techniques, tools, supports, brushes, mediums, additives, etc, all have definite influence on your work. Beyond the material, there are your skills and talents, and this is what we're going to deal …

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A bit about Rejection

Rejection sucks, right? No, it doesn't - not really. We all certainly like to be affirmed by others, it can let us know that we're on the right track - right? Wrong again. When we're approved of by others, really, it just means that we've appealed to, or conformed to, the idea that we are …

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Average Art

I've just been told I'll be a featured artist in a European art journal called Average Art. They showcase international, self-represented artists each month, and I'll be included in their May issue - next month! Soon!!! Needless to say, I'm truly excited and totally stoked!

Punk Daze Flyers

Here's a couple of flyers out of an uncountable number I did back in the punkdaze. Those were wild and busy times. I was a DJ two nights a week, promoted live shows each Friday and designed and published a punkzine. Plus, I was bartending and going to graphic design school, not to mention having …

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Image Licensing

Having finished installing my Image Licensing page on my website, I wanted to share it with you here. If you've been looking to introduce new products, promote an event, or even re-package an existing product, be sure to check it out! You'll find a contact form there.